Repair Program

HAD offers Repair Program for customers who own non-warranty products that we distribute in the USA. The Repair Program will repair the defective module with a new one with a full function test to verify the product is in good working condition.

Repair Program

Currently we offer repair service for all Maclan Racing ESC. Please fill out an RMA Form , indicate your preferred repair service in the note and send the product to us. We will contact you for payment process before we proceed the repair service.

*Note: for all reversed polarity damage ESCs, it is required to replace both the control board and the MOSFET power board.

**Note: rewiring service is upon request. It is extremely time-consuming to rewire an ESC properly. Every ESC needs at least 1 hour of labor to remove and resolder wires. It can delay the service when we have a high volume of RMA. Please expect a longer turnaround time if you request a rewiring service. Please email us to request the service.

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  1. It is strongly recommended that you ship your RMA item with a carries that can insure or track your package. HAD is not responsible for lost packages.
  2. A fixed shipping & handling fee $8.00 will be charged for shipping within USA. International shipping will be handled in case basis. We will inform you with shipping cost before we will process the case.