This RMA system will accept all electronic products that were distributed by Hobby Authority Distribution (HAD) in the USA. Please select corresponding brand name for product options.
To proceed, please fill out RMA form below. After submitting the RMA we will e-mail you a copy of the form along with a printing label for your convenience.
If you can’t find a matching product in the list, please use CONTACT FORM to contact us.

Important: Your original product purchase receipt must be included with your returned product. We cannot proceed with a warranty service if your product is returned without the original purchase receipt.

We are the global/ North America distributor of below brands. We are honor to provide warranty service to all customers who have qualified products purchased from authorized HAD dealers.

  • Maclan Racing (Global)
  • Xpert RC (North America)
  • G Force Hobby (North America)

Have trouble with your HAD distributed products? Please first:

  1. Review installation instructions in the user manual
  2. Read over the PRECAUTION section in the user manual
  3. Review WARRANTY statement in the user manual to ensure no warranty guidelines were voided
  4. Typical conditions that are considered mishandled and not covered by the factory warranty:
    • Physical/mechanical damage due to external impact.
    • Modification or disassembled by the user.
    • Incorrect application setting (including battery protection, gear ratio, boost power timing, etc.)
    • Overheating that caused wires and connector desoldering.
    • Cooling fan damaged by water or dirt.
    • Lack of maintenance that accumulated dirt and moisture to cause product malfunction.
    • Unsecured/ improper installation that caused physical/mechanical damage.
    • ESC was returned without capacitor module, and/or with all wires directly cut off will be declined for factory warranty.

If you cannot resolve your issue by completing the steps above, and are planning to send in your items, you need to:

1. Assess if the item is physically damaged or damaged due to incorrect setups.

a. A product that is found to have been mishandled, abused or used incorrectly, modified factory wires with poor soldering, including use in an application other than that for which the turning product is intended, will not be covered under warranty.

The customer is responsible for the return shipping cost if the item is not covered under warranty. Please assess your item thoroughly before you send it in. If you are not sure whether your item is under warranty, please contact our service department at service@hobbyauthority-dist.com or use CONTACT FORM to contact us. 

b. We have no control over the connection and use of the product or other related electronics, no liability may be assumed nor will be accepted for damage resulting from the use of the product. The liability in no case shall exceed the product’s original cost.

2. Have the receipt ready and send it along with your RMA.

a. The item on the receipt has to be corresponding to the RMA item you send in.

b. All manufactures offer warranty service form 3 to 12 months depending on the product line. Please check user manual to verify.

c. The name on the receipt must be identical with the person who filled out the RMA. You should not borrow and use other’s receipt. Warranty is not transferrable.

3. Fill out the RMA form with correct information.

4. Provide a tracking number for your RMA package and update the information to service@hobbyauthority-dist.com. It is strongly recommended that you ship your warranty items with a carrier that can insure or track your package. HAD is not responsible for lost packages. 

What to expect after you send in your RMA?

  • The standard turnaround time of RMA cases were 10 to 15 business days starting from the data of receipt date of HAD.
  • We will ship back the RMA item by USPS First Class mail with tracking service. If you need your item in a hurry, you MUST let us know in advance and cover the additional shipping cost
    that applies, if you want expedited shipping.
  • Your RMA case will be closed if we do not hear back from you for 30 days. The main way we contact your customers is through email, so please check your email regularly.
  • To check your RMA status, please use our RMA Checking System for the latest status including the tech result and return tracking number.

Your RMA case will not be accepted if:

  • The unit was a prototype sample.
  • The unit was free of charge from HAD. (Please utilize Trade-In Program)
  • The unit has a mismatched invoice.
  • The invoice does not prove you as the original owner.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse any product that is found to be free of defects. The product will be returned to you along with a copy of our testing results.

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